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I Do: Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Reciting wedding vows you wrote yourself can be the most meaningful part of the entire day. Perhaps the top tip for writing wedding vows is to remember that they belong to you and your partner. That means they can be anything you want. However, with that in mind, actually putting your feelings in writing to say in front of everyone can be daunting. Here is how to approach it.

Talk About It

You and your partner should agree on the type of vows you want to exchange, but you should also talk to your officiant. Both the type of wedding and the venue may affect your approach. For example, vows might be different for casual outdoor Maggie Valley weddings than they would be for a formal religious ceremony in a church.

Remember Your Audience

The day is all about you and your partner, but that doesn’t mean you should exclude your guests with vows that are overly intimate or that contain too many inside references. Above all, try to keep each of your vows under two minutes.

Have a Plan

With all this in mind, you might still wonder how to get started. An outline can help. For example, you might start with an expression of love, follow it with specific qualities you love about your partner and end with a promise.

Be Creative

Like your wedding, your vows may be romantic, traditional, modern, religious or anything in between. They can also be in any form. You can write a poem or even sing a song if it feels more natural. Look at examples of others’ vows for inspiration.

Couples sometimes plan to write their vows and then feel overwhelmed as the wedding day looms closer, but this can be the most rewarding part of the whole experience. Setting aside a little time to talk with one another and think about what the marriage means to both of you will make for a memory that last a lifetime.

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