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I switched to another kind of hobby

Hobbies do really change from time to time. It depends on the primary needs of the hobbyist of what to have as a hobby and how long should he/she be dealing with it. In my own experience, I’ve been into a hobby of breeding fish when I was in my elementary stage. I went to a level of being an avid pet lover. It was really satisfying to see that you have grown your pets from a size that’s not even visible to a huge fully grown animal. But sad to say that an accident massively swiped out my pets and a devastating flood destroyed everything. From that time I felt sorrow on the death of my pets and I am too dry to make it up again.

So, I switched to another kind of hobby. I opened my windows to another great opportunity by trying to play guitar. I learned doing some stuffs with my acoustic guitar and find out that it was really amazing. Until the time came that I engage into composing songs. So with that my hobby gets advance because of the additional stuffs. For two years, my passion didn’t fall apart since each day I learned new things. Then a remarkable moment drags my mind to a new kind of hobby. There come the RC cars in my head. I was just watching out YouTube videos and then after sudden clicks, I turned into a drift RC video. It was fully fascinating moment to see those cars. Right now I am still heading on to my goal. I wasn’t able to really own my first RC car but I hope in the next few months from now I will be having my own too.

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