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ISP problem

I was freaking out when I noticed that my internet connection seems to have some difficult problems. I found it very confusing where to start my troubleshooting. I could say that the modem was functioning well because of the functional indicators. It is a set of four LED light which serves as the indication for the modem’s power, WLAN, signal, and mode. Off course in the process of troubleshooting I need to first read the consumer manual because there might be something very critical and needs proper safety. Anyway I never did physical contact on the modems internal hardware because I know it’s just a matter of software problems.

I performed several methods that I know can be the solution for my problem but I never found myself successful. So at the end I realized that there must me something wrong with my ISP. I recommend to go to Eatel since they helped me with my connection.I just let it be and with that I waited until this afternoon and if there wasn’t any other change on it, that’s the time I will make some inquiries to them. But luckily, a few minutes ago when I turned on my PC, the connection was then back to normal. I can see that my software was able to connect to the internet and I even got a very good internet browsing again. So that proves that there’s something wrong with my ISP that time when I experienced problems. Now, I am back again in my daily session and it everything was pretty fine.

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