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Making The Most Of Your Beach Trip

There’s nothing like enjoying a day on the beach with your family. Aside from lounging on the sand and soaking up the sun or listening to the waves of the ocean, there are several other activities that you can enjoy on the quiet beaches in North Carolina that will result in an exceptional vacation. If you’re looking for something to do that’s relaxing, then get a few fishing poles to try to catch the big one. There are usually numerous types of fish that you can catch while sitting on a pier. You can even see a few sharks or dolphins while you’re trying to catch a fish to take home.

Another relaxing activity that you can do while you’re on the beach is reading a book. Let the waves be the background noise that you need while getting into the details of a favorite book that you’ve been trying to read all year. You can also take a short nap or write in a journal. Help your kids build a sandcastle. Use a few of the seashells to decorate the outside of the castle so that it’s unique. You can also walk along the beach to try to find a few shells to take home.

Make a list of things that your kids have to find in the sand or on the beach to have a scavenger hunt. Get a few kites to fly them high above the sand and the water. There’s usually always a breeze that comes off the ocean, making the area an ideal place to fly a kite of any size. Take a few balls and toys to the beach so that your family can enjoy a little exercise in the warmth of the sun. At the end of the day, view the stars and the moon while enjoying a picnic on a blanket in the sand.

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