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MarmarisJeep Safari & Boat Trips

m779Talking about the location of this exotic place, according to Wikipedia,“Marmaris is a port town and tourist resort on the Mediterranean coast, located in Mugla Province, southwest Turkey, along with the shoreline of the Turkish Riviera”. Marmaris is known for its nightlife, open-air clubs and music venues.

When travelling to these exotic lands for holidays, you can certainly not miss one of the most famous Boat-Trips and Jeep safari in Marmaris. There are some other must-see places like Amos, Turunc and Icmeler. Just like any other coastline, beach and bays are the most famous places in Marmaris.

There are so many things you can do while your stay in Marmarislike :

You can walk around the city and also can enjoy the sunbathing, running here and there with joy, spending quality time with family and playing beach games like volleyball, tennis and football etc.But there is more to it; you can visit all the nuke and corners which are unique to their style. If you love sea then watching a lot of colourful boats in the sea will be eye soothing for you. You can have an experience of the life time as you can board a ship and just wander on the sea.

While you approach your destination, you can relax and have headphones on and enjoy the sun.

Before planning your holiday schedule, I would like to add that you need at least one week to completely enjoy everything Marmarishas to offers you. And after that, you should spend at least one entire day on the boat to have fun. Boats start off at 9 a.m. and come back at 6 p.m., so you should plan accordingly.

Here we mentioned some places to visit on your ship trips like mega Diana boat trip, boat trip to Cleopatra island, Barbossa pirate boat trip and so many other places too.

After exciting boat trip in Marmaris now comes the part two of your fun journey. There’s a facility of Jeep safari from Marmaris to Icmeler. Jeep safari starts around 10 a.m. at the foot of the mountain. The temperature is around 26oC to 34oC in summer. You can start your day by discovering alpine trees, hidden bays, waterfall with crystal clear water in it and so many beautiful things. You also get to explore 85 km of Marmaris national park on a land rover driven by a professional driver. Unlike other safaris, this one has no age bar, so everyone is welcome including your family and kids.

There are so many places to visit, and you will get to visit them one by one. Here is the glimpse of few like Walk on Water at Jesus Beach ( yes! as the name suggests, you get to walk on water ! ), beautiful milk coloured waterfalls, Turgut, deg-IrmenYani and organise local villages, Marmaris national park and so on.

Well, in the end, exploring Marmaris is going to be one heck of memory for you and your family. There is a lot of things going on in here, and memories of having the boat trip and jeep safari will only make you smile in future.

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