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Mommy, Why Come? Book Review – How Parents encourage their children

Mommy, Why Come?

Shirley Judge Blount wants children to know that they are special, and they do not have to look like or be like anyone else. She also wants them to be accepting of others’ differences because blessings and opportunities might come from someone different than them. It is for these reasons that she writes “Mommy, Why Come?” (published by WestBow Press), a book that encourages children to accept themselves first and then others who may be different.

This is a story about two little girls from different parts of the country, realizing that they are not so different after all. When 7-year-old Angela, an African-American girl, and her family move into the all-Caucasian neighborhood of 7-year-old Sarah, and her family, they learn about each other’s culture and end up building up their own self-esteem and encouraging each other.

This is a children’s book that builds up their self-esteem by letting them know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. It also discusses the seriousness of bullying: the reasons why bullying exists, who gets targeted and the short-term and long-term effects of bullying on children. It also addresses the responsibilities of teachers, principals, school bus drivers and adults in protecting children while they are in school, which should be safe havens for children.Mommy, Why Come?” has two main goals: for parents to encourage their children to know that they are fine just the way they are and to be open to others. “On a regular basis, I want parents to remind their children of this, build up their self-esteem, and be accepting of others. They should let children know that what they think of themselves is most important.”

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