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My Travel Diaries : Dictionary Hotel

fgvbsdThis is gonna be the cherry on top of our beloved London Travel Diaries, The Dictionary Hostel. This was the place where we stayed for the last two nights and we had such a wonderful time here.It’s a really busy hostel, and that’s good, there are always new people in and out, new guests to get to know, you can talk to everyone in the room and you’ll fell welcome from the very first moment.

The hostel’s decoration is super quirky and cool, you have common spaces such as the kitchen, messy all the time, but it does the job or the balcony, and then you have various options for the rooms, we stayed in a 8-bed dorm. I’d have to say that the staff, who were always smiling and ready to help,  should pay a bit more attention to the cleanliness of the rooms and kitchen. But other than that, it is an amazing place to stay at.


Of course we also have to point out the amazing location of this place, right in the centre of Shoreditch. Shoredicth is one of my favorite areas of London, you have amazing street art, some unusual vintage shops, great night clubs and bars, and the list goes on forever. You can always find something new around the block and you’re also close to the underground and train station. Want better?



If you’d like to know more about this hostel or book your stay right away, go and have a look at their website where you can do all that and also read their amazing blog.

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