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My Travel Diaries : Shopping in Blitz London

sgsdgs It wasn’t my first time shopping in Blitz, neither my second. I had discovered this shop in my previous visits to London and it has become a must-visit for me. I don’t think it is easy to have a vintage shop, a good one, you need taste, you need attention to details, you need vision…Here you can find all of that, you find a great selection of clothes, you find an amazing layout, a great promotion within the social medias, and I believe that’s why it been considered one of the best vintage shops in London, multiple times.

Unlike last year, I came out without any bags in y hands, and I have to say the not-so-good part about the shop it’s the way that some pieces are overpriced, making you spend too much money for what ou get.With everything said, I’ll just leave you with some pictures and with a strong suggestion to visit Blitz if you’re ever in London.


esstsblitz shop

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