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MyPostcard : Customize your photo and send it to your loved ones

bn78Sending real postcards to the ones you love by means of a Smartphone app seemed like a dream a few years ago, however right now it is possible to take a picture and have it delivered to your loved ones in just finger taps.  You can find postcard apps which can be downloaded  for Android smart phones and iOS devices. We’re now going to assist you to begin with keeping in touch with a bit of personality.


Making your own postcard is really easy and fast. Just pick one of their postcard templates, add your photos and then add your personal text on it. Now all you need to do is include recipients, pay, and they will create your postcard within a single day and deliver it by mail to any place in the world.

One good thing is , some professional mobile app developers have made postcard apps for Android and iOS device . You can find available options, each app enables you to take a photo on your phone, customize it and have it delivered to a friend. A couple of days later, a printed postcard will arrive on their home.

MyPostcard offers something for any occasion. From anniversaries and birthdays to the fun times you you invite your friends over for barbecue, Or for telling your mom that she rocks. Or even for telling a particular person that you are fashionable. You can even upload your photo or transform them into a cool collage – a terrific way to make an impression on your holiday photos.


With the app, you can send personalized postcard everyday to any places. The app is not difficult to use: take a photo or you can even pick a picture from the photo album, insert text, add the recipient and then send it. MyPostcard will handle printing and also mailing your customized postcard by A Mail. Free sign up is needed when the app is used at the beginning. As it is a free service, MyPostcard advertising text is included in the postcard prints.

The user interface of this app is really simple. Users trying to find more features , or even who would like to send multiple postcards simultaneously can purchase this app You may use this tool to design postcard mailings , invitation cards , gift cards or even flyers in various sizes and shapes . MyPostcard will handle the printing and also punctual delivery.

You can keep your valuable photos attractive by using MyPostcard . With the PostCard Maker App, MyPostcard is trying to offer its users an alternative to digital photo greetings. Greetings or holiday photos can be posted online in just a few seconds. Nevertheless, they are easily forgotten. A postcard is real, may be more warmly received and arouses impressions.

The MyPostcard app is well designed. You are free to explore the offered designs without having to make an account, and the integrated card editing tools are simple to use.

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