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New Nuggies children’s book series encourage kids to have a look at the world through many different point of views

vb221Nuggies Inc will release the 5th volume illustrated children’s book series entitled “If I Could Climb Trees “. The book will released for publication on March 28, 2017. For more details you can visit Nuggies Facebook Page.

In this book, your children will find an amazing story that tell about a little dog which imagines all the undiscovered things she could see and all the wonderful creatures she could meet—if only she could climb trees . After climbing a tree, she understands what everyday life is like for most creatures that stay there. After that, all of them get into their dreams and just think what her life is like back down on the ground.

It will take young children on an incredible journey while also inspiring them to have a look at the world through several perspectives. Developing empathy and understanding on others is a main theme of the Nuggies book series, and one which is inserted in this recent book.

You can get this book at If I Could Climb Trees – Amazon Product Page with a retail price of $19 .95. The ISBN is 978-0996811576. Not only Available in Amazon it also available for pre-order at, Barnes & Noble, as well as other leading booksellers.

Jeff Minich is the author of the Nuggies illustrated children’s book series. Illustrated by Renan Garcia, the series includes Daddy Forgot My Dinner (Vol. 1); All the Other Nuggies (Vol. 2); A Very Scary Pumpkin (Vol. 3); Oui Oui, Gigi! (Vol. 4); and If I Could Climb Trees (Vol. 5). You can learn more about the Nuggies book series at Nuggies website .

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