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Our first visit to Rocky Mountain National park


Whether you are a foreigner or a resident of Colorado and want to explore the natural or cultural treasures of the region, Rocky Mountain National park will never disappoint you. It is full of the things to grab your attention whatever is your interest and period of stay there. You will find many tourists’ attractions which make it a perfect venue for your summer holidays or your winter holiday and during vacations, you will see many visitors enjoy their trips to this National Park.

My wife and I took this trip with Angel Martinez and we had a very good experience. I know him when I was amazed with his photos in Rocky Mountain National park  found on his Instagram at .   Our guide, Angel Martinez, was wonderful and explained many things to us which make our subsequent days in the park that much enjoyable. He was very flexible, allowed us to linger longer at some parts, and gave us good pointers as to what to look for, educate us a lot about the flora in the park. All in all, I highly recommend his service, even for those who have a car and wish to travel the park themselves.


It was an awesome tour with Angel Martinez in this beautiful park. Our first visit and the tour were so worthwhile. Additionally, he was able to explain and point out so much I would never have known. Ecosystems, plants life, wildlife  such as a moose, nursery herd of elk, badger, birds, etc, explanation of animal behavior, their calls and so much more. We met many interesting and passionate people. I really can’t wait to go back there and experience what the mountains have to offer in spring or fall.


He also guided us to top tour by the Rocky Mountain Nature Conservancy and it was a priceless experience. It was really wonderful view after view when he guided me there. It was a beautiful experience my wife and I won’t forget especially from this educational and historical tour to seeking elk play in snow, wildflowers and lying on tundra.

If you are planning to spend your summer or winter holiday in Rocky Mountain National park,  don’t hesitate to contact him at his site .

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