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Owl Birthday Party Decoration

For owl lover, Owl Birthday Party Decoration  would be the best choice. The cute tiny face of owl makes sense of your wish. Then, how to how to design the room with the creation of this tiny owl? Firstly, focus on the banquet table with 3 or 4 meter long. Create the feel of a bed owl, complete with a pillow and a blanket. Put the owl pillow on the left side and use the blanket as a tablecloth. Add oval colorful tablecloths as accessories that you adjust the color with the seats. Decorate the seats as the color with long cloth so as you add a strap at the top of the seat. You can hang two or more boards that states ‘happy birthday’ on the table. If you want everyone to feel included in the party then consider handing out mardi gras beads.Then, serve a wide variety of cakes and arrange them in such a way that it appears orderly, neat and fun. Children would see it as beauty and comfort. For addition you can put additional table besides the main table as the place to put the birthday cake. Make the simple and easy owl birthday party decoration!

Let’s make owl birthday party decoration!

Children must be love it because the shape of an owl are so cute and attractive to serve as a cake. You do not have to provide all the decoration with an owl -shaped creations, but still highlight that the theme of your party is owl. Make a birthday cake by adding ornate owl on it, and make it thin as well as wide in accordance with the size and color of the cake so it seems fitting and very adorable. You can add another bird decoration in other parts of the cake with the main theme of an own. Serve the cake on the floral tablecloth and prepare two large flower vases to put besides it and two small flower vases in front of it. To make the biscuits or chocolates also need creativity because design of a cute owl is quite complex. If you cannot make it by yourself then you can buy owl chocolates or owl biscuits at a nearby store. Serve a variety of creative foods to enhance the beauty and harmony of the party.

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