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Battery vs Domestic Battery

Domestic violence causes rifts between millions of spouses and family members every year. It is a serious charge, so if you are accusing someone of domestic violence or are facing an accusation yourself, it is vital that you understand how one of the most common charges of domestic violence — domestic battery — is defined under family law and how it differs from the much broader battery charge.

What Is Battery?

Battery is a crime that occurs when you intentionally cause harmful or offensive physical contact to another party. This can be any form of harmful, insulting, or provoking touch. For example, shoving someone harshly or tripping someone when they pass you by. In some states, battery is bundled together with assault as “assault and battery” or simply the singular crime of “assault.” (more…)

Building An Aged Care Financial Plan

Caregivers are sometimes confused when trying to make home care decisions for their elderly due to the fact these decisions tends to be life changing and also the choices are often very costly. Therefore, it not only smart, but also useful to create a financial plan as soon as possible for the future aged care in the family.

Understanding and knowing all your resources and needs are very important before making financial decisions. These financial decisions must not only be determined by one’s present condition, rather it must incorporate their upcoming situation. Or else, such a decision, determined by limited aspects, might result in upsetting side effects to you as well as to your family members. In the same way, when coming up with this decision, do not forget that the needs and also resources of each senior and also caregiver is unique and different to his or her own specific situation. (more…)