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Positively Georgia: The Motivational Tale of a Unique Airedale (Book Review)

Dog stories always become my favorite. That’s why I have so many collections of books related dog’s tale. Positively Georgia is one of my favorite books. Liz Ferris, author of this book knows how to get inside the mind of a dog and it’s where I want to be. Though there were many similarities with other Dog’s tale book, it was different enough to be enjoyable. I loved this books and I feel a special connection to the dog in this story.

This was truly an inspiring read. This story reminds me of the dedication required to become the person, or in this case, the dog, we all are supposed to be. We must all strive to live, be positive and be confident. After all, we are called to love one another.

Positively Georgia is the story of a ten year old Airedale Terrier who travels with her owner Norman on many adventures during the day and within her daydreams. This motivational tale is targeted towards 8+ year olds to awaken the amazing potential within them.

Join Georgia as she shares her positive helpful thoughts, encouraging young minds to believe in themselves, and gain confidence by sharing their unique gifts with the world. Young minds will be entertained by Georgia’s activities that include jumping for bacon, truck rides, and learning from interactions with other creatures.

With simple phrases and feelings you can relate to, it was a huge challenge to put this book down. If you are trying to find a book that encourage you to believe in yourself, when confidence is certainly for you. Positively Georgia is truly an inspiring book.

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