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Pro2FIT – A multifunctional device for Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT)

pro2fitInspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) is a breathing technique aimed to improve performance of the respiratory muscles by having particular exercises. It includes a few exercise routines, breathing, and other, to boost endurance and strength of the respiratory muscles and improve respiration.

IMT is usually performed by those who are suffering from emphysema, bronchitis, asthma, and also COPD. Nevertheless, many individuals take IMT within their sports training because this training can intensify the muscles used for respiration. Researchers have revealed that regular IMT can boost a person’s strength while in cardio workout or sports activities such as cycling and running.

When an individual is breathing in general, they usually use between ten to fifteen per cent of his or her entire lung capacity. With IMT any person can maximize the volume of lung capacity used. More deeply breathing needs a little more energy but also enables more oxygen to go into the bloodstream with every single breath while stimulating the respiratory muscles. Improving inspiratory muscles by having regular breathing exercises not less than 6 weeks greatly minimizes the amount of oxygen these similar respiratory muscles need throughout exercise, which results in more oxygen becoming available for other muscles.

Pro2fit is a multifunctional inspiratory muscle training device which has been used by many people today. Randomized tests clearly show the effectiveness of Pro2fit for athletes along with those who suffer from COPD and asthma.

Pro2FIT is helpful device for inspiratory muscle training and simple to operate and can be paired with your smartphone to create an enjoyable and compelling workout. Pro2fit also comes with app and website that make it easier share your exercises results to see how you are trying to do the same like other people and also compete with others.


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