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Recommended Labuan Bajo Tour Packages, Tourist Favorites

Labuan Bajo has become one of the popular tourist destinations in Indonesia that you must visit because it offers stunning natural panoramas. It also makes the Labuan Bajo Boat Trip package in great demand by domestic and foreign tourists.

This tourist village, located in Komodo District, East Nusa Tenggara, offers beautiful natural views and has fascinating cultural wealth. Here is the full review of the recommendations for the most favourite Labuan Bajo Trip Tour packages.

Favourite Labuan Bajo Boat Trip Tour Package Recommendations

The natural beauty in Labuan Bajo is no longer in doubt. Labuan Bajo tour packages can be the best choice to save time and efficiency of your vacation. Here are some tour packages in Labuan Bajo, a favourite choice for tourists.

  1. Komodo Tour

Vacationing to Labuan Bajo doesn’t feel complete if you don’t visit Komodo Island. These three days, two nights Komodo Tour packages can be the best choice for tourists who want to spend vacation time on Komodo Island.

With this tour package, tourists will enjoy the natural beauty of Rinca Island as the original habitat of Komodo dragons. On this island, tourists can see Komodo dragons directly, accompanied by Ranger officers.

In addition to Rinca Island, tourists will also be taken around to enjoy the natural scenery at Pink Beach, Batu Cermin Cave, and local markets in the tourist area.

  1. Full-Day Speedboat Tour Komodo National Park

The following Labuan Bajo tour package recommendation is the Full Day Speedboat Tour. The guide will invite tourists to visit various attractions in the Komodo National Park area using a speedboat for a one-day tour.

The attractions visited in this one tour package include Pink Beach, Padar Island, Komodo Island, Manta Point, Kanawa Island, and Taka Makassar.

  1. Inclusive Live on Board Komodo

The next recommended Labuan Bajo Trip tour package option is Inclusive Live on Board Komodo for three days and two nights. This one trip package provides three choices of ships, you can choose between small boats, superior boats, and Phinisi boats.

For tourist destinations, they include Rinca Island, Padar Island, Kalong Island, Kelor Island, Pink Beach, Taka Makassar, Kanawa Island, and other tourist attractions around Labuan Bajo.

  1. Snorkeling in Komodo National Park

No less interesting than the Origin of Lake Toba Resort, snorkelling in Komodo National Park is also a recommended Labuan Bajo tour package. The guides will invite tourists to enjoy the beautiful underwater world with beautiful colourful coral reefs with this tour package.

The guides will provide tourists with snorkelling and safety equipment such as refillable drinking water and oxygen tanks at this attraction. Not only that, professional guides will also accompany tourists.

The reviews above can be a reference for those who want to spend vacation time in Labuan Bajo. With the Labuan Bajo Boat Trip tour package, vacation moments with family, relatives, or friends will undoubtedly be more exciting and fun.

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