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Review of Cooking Light Magazine

gyt8Cooking Light is an enjoyable read for individuals interested in staying fit and eating healthier. There are articles in every issue on healthy living and on cooking healthy food. The healthy living articles cover a broad area — anything from healthy hair and skin to flexibility exercises to do with a partner. Articles often have a seasonal connection, for instance during the summer, the workout article may be based on exercises to do in the pool, whereas winter fitness articles may center around winter activities such as skiing and snowshoeing. Seasonal themes often show up in the cooking articles also — particularly in the “In Season” column.

Cooking articles generally include more than just recipes — also interesting background information about the ethnic origins of particular foods, how particular ingredients are grown, and even the basic science involved in the combination of ingredients. jhy76

The recipes include a wide variety of ethnic tastes, plus comfort foods such as macaroni and cheese and beef stew, vegetarian entrees and delicious desserts. Nutrition information is provided for each recipe. A particularly favorite feature of mine is the column entitled “Reader Recipes” in which a reader’s favorite recipe is lightened to reduce the unhealthy features, but retain the flavor.

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