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Short and Simple Jakarta Sightseeing Tour For Your Family

On the upcoming holiday season, it might be best for you to get out of your daily routine by having one or two plan of vacation. It is also okay for you to spend all of your days off to get your mind refreshed or relaxed. Bringing your family is also a good idea, as they might also need one and what could be better than having all of the fun experience together, though? We assume that you are very tired of the situation and you currently live in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia or the city that might be the source of your stress. We do not have to tell you why, but if you insist, the place is super chaos. The traffic, pollution, annual flood, or even the people; at this point, you might be thingking “why we can not get over with those things?” It is alright, though. This is why we are here which is to give you solution on what to do to get the hell out of such situation. First, we are telling you that the place actually owns everything that you need; so, without having to take your family to travel to another city that offers all of the tourism in social media,  going sightseeing in Jakarta is eventually enough for you to relieve your stress. So, here are a few from us about Jakarta sightseeing short trip.


This Jakarta sightseeing tour will eventually get you nowhere, but in Jakarta since the idea is to visit the place that you see daiy in different perspective. Because you have to enjoy it now. First, you can take your family to the Sea World Ancol, situated in North Jakarta. The name is quite self explanatory that the place is a Southeast Asia’s biggest marine aquarium that consists of several parts, namely the main tanks that is filled with 5 million liters of salt water and around 3500 marine animals; Sharkquarium that consists of more than 7 different species of sharks; Freshwater area or the smaller aquarium containing piranha, Arapaima Gigas, and electric eel; Antasena tunnel that bring you to travel through the main tank; dugong tank; ecosystem tank that contains little marine animals, sponge and coral; deep sea area that preserves deep sea animals in a glass tube. This place is absolutely educational for your kid and recommended to free all of your mind from the stress.

If you enjoy looking at pictures of animals, be sure to check out these cute pictures on


Next, you can try the Muara Angke mangrove in Penjaringan, North Jakarta. Some think that this place is farfetched, but you have to try it yourself to get your own judgement. It is a series of pathways and broadwalks that criss cross the mangrove swamp and visiting this place is good if you are bored with the malls. Another paradise of North Jakarta that you can find is the Thousands Islands where you can find the recreation in its 36 islands, homes to resort in 11 islands and historic park in two islands. Decide what fits your family needs most and get the more Jakarta sightseeing update for further information.


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