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Some attractions you can enjoy in Tioman Island

bhii90Tioman Island has become one of the most popular destinations visited by many divers, both amateurs and professionals around the world. The undersea of Tioman Island is fully occupied with Stag horn corals, Gorgon sea fans and also numerous kinds of sea sponges. You can find many amazing snorkeling tours around the Tioman Island if you want to get an enjoyable sensation of diving along with golden stripped fish, parrot fish and wrasse. The attractiveness of Tioman Island is regarded as one of the most breathtaking islands in the world.

The island primary attraction is basically in its natural charm. You will discover around 50 species of mammals, mountains and waterfalls in the Tioman rainforest. Creation of big granite which is well suited for climbing experience also can be discovered in this island. The satisfaction of climbing can be achieved when the climbers can reach the top of Nenek Semukut Mountain. Hiking can also be done from Tekek to Juara , which are the most inhabited villages in this island .bhy112

For adventure seekers who are trying to get a peaceful retreat, they may enjoy the sandy beach. In this spot, you will find it really enjoyable and relaxing sea breezes and also swaying coconut trees. In addition to that, you can also take pleasure from breathtaking views of the nearby villages of the island like Mukut, Paya, Genting and Salang . Some other sight-seeing opportunities on the island are the hereditary citadel of Japanese, in certain places like the tomb of the ancient villagers, along with numerous artifacts of the museum located in Tekek such as shipwrecks, maps and old coins.


Tioman Island has become a main destination for everyone. Whether for backpackers, divers, honeymooners, children, and also busy people will try to find a wonderful vacation far away from busy life. Tioman Island also offers excellent hotels and resorts. You may be tempted to Juara Mutiara Resort and 1511 Coconut Grove to fulfill your top standard needs. Bayu Tioman Chalet and Aguna Resort to match the size of your pocket.

I highly recommend that you plan in advance and always stick to the Tioman Island travel guide before visiting this beautiful Island. Luckily, you will find more information online that can guide you how to travel and enjoy some attractions offered in this island.

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