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Some factors to consider when buying a new furniture

Furnishing a home is one of the most exciting activities anyone can do, check this website to see the options available. New furniture provides a fresh look and rejuvenates any space. That said, if you have children or pets, you understand that the type of furniture you buy is, in part, determined by said children or pets. If you have both children and pets, furnishing your home is often a carefully weighed process of achieving a pet-friendly and child-proof aesthetic with furniture that will prove functional and durable.

Such a middle ground might seem challenging to achieve. In fact, it is understandable if it sounds downright impossible.

1. Quality

Although it might sound odd to recommend purchasing high-quality furniture, well-made furniture is better equipped to handle daily wear and tear. For instance, well-constructed furniture will be able to withstand kids that mistake the couch for a trampoline and pets that assume they are people so you should consider a stylish two seater sofa which also saves space.
It is recommended that you consider furniture comprised of kiln-dried hardwood that is fastened together with glue and screws. Additionally, if the furniture is corner-blocked, it will be able to withstand years of abuse. You should also consider including eight-way ties on your upholstered furniture as this will ensure that your furniture is supportive and comfortable as well as flexible enough to outlast the unavoidable abuse it will endure from your kids and pets. Finally, you should look for rounded corners on all of your furniture choices, as this will help to protect against black eyes and bruised shins.

2. Fabric choice

Although some fabrics might feel similar and provide the same aesthetic, they typically will perform differently. For instance, both velvet and chenille are soft to the touch and add texture to your interior design. However, the chenille will absorb stains quickly, and pet hair will get caught in velvet fibers.

Additionally, a heavy fabric comprised of a flat weave is far more durable than a fabric that is looped or lightweight. To determine the type of weave the fabric is made of, you can simply run your hand over it. If it does not make noise, it is most likely comprised of a lightweight fabric and will not be durable. Conversely, the more noise a fabric makes, the heavier and more durable the fabric is.

Other things to consider when choosing upholstery include fabric that is non-absorbent, breathable, and resistant to scratches. In fact, if possible, you should order a finish that resists stains as this will help avoid the frustration of trying to clean a spill that would have otherwise wiped cleaned. If you do not want to include a finish that is stain resistant, you should choose a fabric with patterns or prints as this style will help hide most stains.

3. Clean lines

Keeping your furniture’s look simple is another great tip. For instance, you should avoid furniture with skirts. Skirts collect pet hair, giving your chair or couch a furry look you did not intend. Additionally, once pet hair works its way into the weave of a fabric, it can be quite a challenge to get it out. That’s why most people recommend a sofa cleaning service so you won’t have to take on that challenge. A skirt also allows pet hair and dust to collect under your furniture. Exposed legs are the best option as they allow you to keep the area around your furniture clean easily.

4. Furniture type

A slightly-weathered style of furniture will outperform pieces that are more refined or pristine looking. This is because, no matter what you do, your furniture will eventually show the effects of family life. Furniture that is naturally weathered will hide the normal wear and tear your children and pets will impose on it much more effectively than furniture that is intended to retain its like-new look.

5. Zippers

No matter the fabric you choose, you should be sure to include zip-off cushion covers. Zippers allow you to quickly remove the fabric following a spill, ensuring the fluid does not have time to sink into the cushion, which saves you the headache of having to clean the cushion as well as the fabric.

Zippers also allows the cleaning services dublin to clean your furniture thoroughly. That said, it is important to note that although some fabrics can be cleaned in your washing machine, some must be dry cleaned.

Perhaps the best strategy for finding family-friendly furniture is to identify a retailer stocked with family-friendly products. For instance, Furniture Warehouse Direct offers online ordering. Its physical warehouse is located in Victoria, Texas, but it serves the entire state. If you stop by, you can test multiple product lines to find a family-friendly piece or set for your home. Of course, you should shop the website first because there is no reason to pay retail when you can buy direct.

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