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SPOTATO – Discover places of interest around you

spttSome people travel only to see the places of interest. All the same, with Instagram, Facebook as well as a slew of most other social networking apps and sites to look over today, each with enormous amounts of photos of must-see sight on this planet, traveling has turned out to be even more about exploring local events and cultures than having a professional photo with selfie mode.

However, finding interesting local events and hangouts as a traveler are not an easy thing, particularly if you know no one nearby. Spotato is a very cool and efficient online tool. It actually can explore a city and shows up details about landmarks, bars, restaurants, live music, club or any other thing that a person is near, no clicking needed if you are only interested in best local spot and events to hangout.


You might have a travel in group with your friends who always brag around the perfect places to eat on random area. Then Spotato is the best travel app for you. Spotato instantly detects your position and then enables you to pick the nearest Cinema, Hotels, restaurants, supermarket, museums, parks and also Theatre. Spotato gives a huge list of all the businesses based on the category you have tapped on and even the far distance from what your location is.

Spotato works by rapidly determining your position and finding points of interest around you. It also shows the distance of the points of interest from your current position. Also you will get directions, spot the places of interests on a map, and you can also get their contact details. Spotato is a perfect companion that guarantees you never end up with being unsure of how to get where you must go again.

Spotato is easy to operate and provides you with results without the mess. The software works very fast, and this can be significant if you want to find something instantly in an unknown area. Whether you are on vacation or looking for unrecognized places around you, Spotato is an excellent companion to make it easier to find your perfect places of interest.

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