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States: Real Estate Investment Administration and Reporting Service

Consulting specializes in the management of accounting and financial activities through completely outsourced, joint-sourced, or custom services for our clients. We have a team of highly professional accounting and finance individuals with immense experience as CFOs, audit partners, accounting controllers, and officers that are well-versed and make productive decisions in the finance and real estate sectors.

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We are a one-stop shop for providing completely outsourced investment administration, on-call technical accounting advisory solutions, and financial and accounting reporting services that has an expert understanding of matters about IFRS, U.S. GAAP, SEC, and income tax reporting. We have worked with private mortgage, publicly traded and equity ETFs, real estate private equity fund managers, debt funds, real estate operators and owners, and private equity and pension finance-sponsored portfolio investors.

Our real estate clients

Real estate debt]

Real estate private equity fund managers

Financial institutions

Insurance agencies

Equity and mortgage REITs

Fund managers

Family offices

Pension and Superannuation funds

Owners and Developers

Sovereign Wealth Funds


Secured and unsecured lenders

Financial institutions

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We specially focus on

Investment management, financial and accounting reporting

Real estate equity and debt fund management

U.S. Broker and SPV entry accounting

Public and private REIT accounting and financial reporting

KYC solutions

Treasury and cash management

Financial statement development

Investor reporting and performance metrics

Data Analytics

Lease management

Partner capital statements

Independent fee calculations

Finance launch assistance

Audit support

Capital call and distribution notices

Property accounting

Waterfall estimations

IFRS, SEC, and US GAAP reporting technical advisory

Technical accounting and complex transaction support

Regular US SEC Regulatory reporting

Interim Staffing

Regulation S-Y interpretation

Complex Transaction and technical accounting support

Responding to SEC staff comment letters

REIT IPO preparedness, Pro Formal preparation, and financial statement and Disclosure support

Liquidation and wind downs

In-kind Distributions

Disputed Claims

Asset Monetization

Regulatory support

Net Asset Value Re statements

Disposition of illiquid assets

Assistance with CIMA Audit Exemptions

Tax Advisory and Compliance

REIT Testing

Preparation of yearly tax returns

Cost segregation studies

Tax structuring consulting and compliance

Private client advisory

Local and state tax consulting

Tax planning and strategy

Representative client goals

Completely outsourced administration and accounting for real estate managers and investors

Development of financial statements for private and public real estate and real estate agencies, such as developing 10-Qs and 10-Ks.

Public and private investments agency and fund launch assistance, such as analysis of providing memorandum and similar documents, development of SEF documentation for IPOs, and simulation of complex carried interest or promote frameworks.

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Management of U.S. blocker bodies and designated purpose vehicles

Management of partner capital accounts and waterfall estimation of losses and profits, alongside a carried interest or promote estimations

Compliance support focused on KYC, AML, FCPA, and FATCA.

Yearly audit and quarterly analysis support in consultation with income tax developers and auditors

Controllership, interim CFO, and staff management solutions

Employee compensation solutions alongside incentive plan development

Accounting positions support the IFRS accounting, US GAAP, and SEC reporting, operation of complex real estate and its financial transactions

Evaluation of the effect of new accounting requirements on the business processes and accounting policies

REST IPO preparedness, development of financial statements and SEC disclosure support, pro forma and 3-14s financial statement for adding to registration statements on Form S-11 alongside Non-GAAP financial steps

Help registrants in understanding Regulation S-X and SEC Staff standing with regard to IFRS/GAAP accounting and transaction framework for financial reporting.

Highlighting issues of financial and accounting statements for a solution before documenting a live report

Help in recognizing and providing a response to SEC staff comments in collaboration with SEC admins

This article is meant to offer a guide to the subject in question.  Seek professional advice concerning your unique condition.

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