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Tenerife : The perfect holiday destination in Northern Europe

bny3Tenerife is the excellent destination to have a holiday for north Europeans mainly because of its close distance to the northern Europe. The island offers perfect weather, many beaches, and a lot of fun activities.

You can find a lot of beaches to visit in Tenerife, and they are located near the island. Water sports are available on many part of the beaches , if you decide to try kite boarding, jet skiing, wind surfing , bob and scuba diving , para-scending and more .

Also, travelers who enjoy cuisine often decide to go back to Tenerife simply because of the large selection of restaurants readily available. You can make sure that Tenerife will satisfy no matter what type of food of your choice, and commonly served to a high standard. The main resort provides you with a complex and good selection of restaurants which cater to all budgets and tastes.

Holiday accommodation in Tenerife can range from self-catering apartments right up to luxury hotels, and also whatever else you may think of in between. The accommodation can be reserved with the help of your travel agents. This also can be booked instantly with the owner or even with the help of specialist booking agents. Many travelers prefer a bit luxury combined with self-catering when on holiday. Garden city Tenerife is also the perfect place you can rent for your holiday. This is also good enough for the food and entertainment not to mention along easy walking distances to restaurants, pubs, beaches, bars and shops. The garden city is really suitable for the travelers of every age group that bring about most relaxing accommodations for your holiday.


With its good subtropical climate, restaurants, beaches, excursions, fun activities and more, Tenerife is the perfect place to spend your holiday with your family and friends. It is small piece of heaven on the planet. Tenerife is an island paradise for travelers and local people as well.

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