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The Last Days of Brianne Slabaugh

It’s been more than 12 months since Michael Slabaugh last saw his daughter, Brianne Slabaugh. She was found lifeless in the Everglades. While the official cause of death is drug overdose, the father insists that there is more to the story.

According to official accounts, the FBI is investigating Brianne’s part in a murder for hire plot. However, she died before the plot came into action.

Brianne Slabaugh was just 26 years old. People close to her mention the fact that she had many secrets.

Her body was found in the Everglades. Her father, hasn’t tampered with her room. He has left it the same way it was before her death.

According to Michael, Brianne had a passion for Monster Trucks. Both father and daughter often travelled miles to watch their favorite sport. Her love for Monster Trucks didn’t stop her from having an equal passion for dancing, hummingbirds, and drawing.

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“Every time we went to the Monster Jam in Vegas, we always had so much fun,” he said.

According to Michael, those trips were always fun, and they never said any bad words towards each other. However, away from those trips, things were going bit heated. There were arguments. Brianne was battling with addiction, and she wasn’t too far from trouble herself.

In the weeks leading up to her death, she was working at a strip club in West Palm Beach. Michael insists he wasn’t in support of it, owing to the fact that she was meeting some shady folks there.

One day, she came in contact with a guy who claimed to be a private detective. He offered her work doing surveillance.

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She took the job and started renting cars for mysterious trips.

Michael became suspicious and worried. He didn’t know this person, and was concerned for his daughter’s safety.

“I tried to make her quit. I told her they don’t use P.Is for drug deals that didn’t go as planned. They use collectors, and these guys are bad guys, they kill people, and they might end up killing you,” Michael said.

Then she stopped returning his calls, and messages.

Fearing the worst, he got in touch with the police.

Three days later, he finally got the call he was afraid of.

“They said she died from drug overdose,” he said.

But the work from an investigative journalist  is hinting at a wider conspiracy.

Several months after her death, Ariza Mario, a report was going through court documents, when she learned that Bri might have been engaged in more than simple surveillance.

As it turned out, unbeknownst to Michael, Brianne was involved in a murder for hire plot.

Court documents show that Brianne was in a plot to commit murder.

Michael still insists he wants the truth about his daughter’s death, and it doesn’t matter how ugly that truth may be.

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