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The Lowdown. Gadget of the Month. The Clug Pro

CLUG PRO combines the Eurobike award-winning pedigree of the original CLUG (or CLUG range) with FIDLOCK’s innovative magnetic WINCH handle and ratchet system to ensure your bike is always secure. Engineered to hold up to 30kg once the WINCH is magnetically locked into place, you can have total peace of mind that your bike will remain rock-solid in the event of a hard knock from someone brushing past or an unwelcome puncture after long term storage.

Keeping your bike safe and secure during long-term storage the Clug Pro Hugs your bike tire and works with your floor to store your bike vertically or horizontally. It’s designed to fit all road, hybrid, gravel, and mountain bike tires between 23-81mm. (1”-3.2”)

Combining the extraordinarily strong FIDLOCK winch and high-performance cord, the CLUG PRO can comfortably hold a 30kg e-bike meaning your bike will be protected from accidental knocks or tire deflation over the long term.

CLUG PRO is the world’s smallest bike rack and at 26g it’s also the lightest. It’s so small that it’s virtually invisible when the bike isn’t there. CLUG PRO is made from a durable ABS polymer, tested for 10,000 insertions, and comes with a 2-year warranty as standard.

The Clug Pro is available in different sizes for different bike styles. Priced $29.95 from


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