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The Millhouse

In the seventeen hundreds the building on this site was quite old. It was a flour mill until the beginning of the twentieth century; you will find no signs of cereal grown in this area now. The weir that was created to divert water to the mill is part of the property and private, though canoeists have the right to pass over it, but not to stop!!

mkbb60In the 1940s the building was an Hotel and Restaurant, there cannot have been many rooms available. In the 1950s it was a private residence again and at that time General de Gaulle stayed here during an electoral tour of the region, the Owner was a wartime friend of his.

In the 1960s the property was entirely rebuilt to give it its present form. It is said that eight men worked here for two years on the changes. Balconies were added at both ends and a large window opened in the downstairs lounge and the bedroom above it. The decorative water wheel was added at this time. In the 1980s a turbine was added to the house to produce electricity, sadly it no longer functions.

For the naturalist, many species of wild plants are to be found in the garden and to date, thirty two different species of birds have been seen. Coypu, although not very welcome, swim in the river, as do muskrats.

In April and May, large carp can be seen in the river very close to the walls. The river has a large variety of other fish.

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