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The Pan’s Club – A must-try vegetarian reataurant in El born Barcelona

hklhlIf you will be traveling to Barcelona in the coming weeks or months, then this information will provide you with some ideas to find the right vegetarian restaurant. For vegetarians taking a trip with family and kids, finding the right vegetarian meal might be a hard task. However you can find restaurants in Barcelona that offer vegetarian meals so you and your family can enjoy the meals.

If you’re a vegan who is picky and choosy about foods, then you certainly do not need to worry. For those who have selective eating style, it is normal to put on foods that are not common too. Luckily, people being employed in a vegetarian restaurant are aware of this and make notice of detail. If you’re in Barcelona, you will see The Pan’s Club, a vegetarian restaurant located in El born Barcelona,  which provide you with unique vegetarian meals which will not bore you.

Most of their menus are influenced by traditional Mediterranean and French food. All dishes are freshly prepared that day, to ensure a mouthful of taste with each bite. They are experts in a huge selection of tasty lunches, which include a huge selection of salads and quiches. Just make a visit to that restaurant, choose whatever you prefer.quiches

Beside providing delicious vegetarian meals, they also have some flexitarian food. So that, everyone still can savor their tasty lunch items. Along with tasteful snacks, you can also find a lot of sweet treats at The Pan’s Club. These vary from American pastries like brownies and cookies, to local specials like apple tarte tatin.

If you’re planning to have a party and need catering for the wedding party, or just want to serve your guests with scrumptious food at your upcoming events; Then The Pan’s Club is the right choice for you. If you want to find out more about their catering service, or desire to make a reservation for a further event, then you can visit their website at They are delighted to customize their service to meet the needs of your event.


The Pan’s Club
Plaça de la Llana,16, 08003, Barcelona –
Phone: 932 776 827

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