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The Perfect Pair: Deciding Which Sauces To Serve

A major reason for the success of the barbecue industry in the United States are the seemingly endless amounts of sauces available. Believe it or not, U.S expenditures for barbecue sauce production is nearly $2 billion per year, and this doesn’t even consider the home-made recipes that are crafted. But maybe all of these choices leave you with a few questions. The primary one being: which sauce is for me?

As there are so many sauce options out there, often times the choice comes down to the meat you’re paring the sauce with. For example, which sauce pairs best with slow-cooked ribs? Or a pulled chicken sandwich? The best sauce compliments the meat, but more often than not it can be difficult to find that perfect match. Unfortunately, the result of a wrong sauce pairing is often a disappointing meal. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case!

The featured resource of this post is a great reference for the barbecue enthusiasts looking for their optimal sauce pairing. Even if you’re a barbecue novice, you’ll likely still notice a few tips and tricks to make the right sauce decision. Whether that be acidic or sweet, mild or spicy, the choices are endless! This resource will also provide some insight as to what sauces pair best with what meats. Because the sauce that you prefer on your ribs, might not be the sauce your prefer on your brisket.

The only issue with trying to gauge the best pairings of meats and sauces? Every one’s preference is bound to be different. The best pairing to you, could be the worst pairing to your guests. The best way to accommodate as a host is by providing your guests with multiple sauce options to pair with their meats. Just be mindful of the way you had prepared the meats you’re serving! If you leave out a sauce that would conflict with the one you used to cook the meats, the flavors could collide and provide your guests with an awful tasting experience.

In order to get the most value out of this featured resource, remember these tips:

  • No sauce will make up for a lousy cook job! Perfect your barbecuing skills and your palette for which sauces can be paired with your meats will come.
  • The best flavors come from variety! Don’t lock yourself in and restrict yourself to only one sauce option. Branch out and sample new meat and sauce pairs to truly appreciate otherwise unknown flavors.
  • Test your local options! Many great sauces are tucked away in your local barbecue spots. Give these local restaurants a shot and see how they pair their meats and sauces.

For more information on how to best pair your meats with the right sauces, check out the featured resource below. Courtesy of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants.



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