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The prognosis for 2021 is optimistic


Burnout affects all sectors, particularly during pandemics, but medical burnout happens to be  the most severe. Burnout is on the rise among professionals, especially psychiatrists, and it affects both patients as well as doctors. The phenomenon of burnout begins in the medical school, which continues through residency and beyond.

40 percent or more physicians suffer from burnout; it depends on specialty and assessment tool, the APA’s poll found that the number of psychiatrists burnout is almost 80 percent. Despite the absence of statistics on the pandemic’s influence on burnout, it gives reason to be concerned—not only for physicians or employees, but for parents too.

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On either side, we’ve heard encouraging accounts from professionals who were pleased to be recognized for their efforts during the plague. Gratitude and engagement may be able to help stem the tide of burnout.

We can seek to remove obstacles in self-care as we go ahead, and empower individuals and entrepreneurs to bring positive changes. Hiring a senior wellbeing officer, for example, has the potential to reduce burnout while also trying to save money. We can keep fighting stigma, particularly in the medical area. Our medical and psychological partners should be encouraged, not discouraged, to seek mental well-being and psychological health assistance.

Social therapeutics

Ironically, although a few “social psychiatric disorders” can be identified (in the absence of the classification system), we lack the means of treatment. Our therapy arsenal for single individuals and groups cannot easily be applied to social issues.

Nonetheless, some seemingly healing social activities, such as apologizing over racism, have developed into social glue in 2020.  Psychologically, it is helpful to make an apology for mistakenly or intentionally harming others. Everything will be great if this results in forgiveness.

Reconciliation ceremonies in South Africa served to minimize bloodshed, allowing the system to emerge from tyranny with some societal healing. In order to address our current polarization, we also need to employ such tactics in the U. S. It could also aid in the mending of racial atrocities such as Native American eviction and black enslavement.

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We can also learn from research, which has demonstrated the value of care coordination and integrating  psychiatric  clinical practice. An expert psychiatrist working alongside the Physician general would be beneficial. Basically, it would be a physician general’s mental assistant or, even better, the psychiatric general.

We should, at least, improve our visibility, share and advance our understanding of human behavior  in relation to societal challenges.

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