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The Top Mental Health Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a challenging physical practice that usually incorporates mindfulness and meditation.These yogaclasses tends to the mind and body equally, harmonizing the way they work together. Many people know of the physical benefits yoga provides. But there are many powerful and amazing mental health benefits that can be obtained through a regular and disciplined practice of hatha yoga. You can experience these benefits even if you are a yoga beginner!

Reduced anxiety

Slowing down for the asanas, the postures, anchors the mind in the moment. Instead of worrying about what could happen, the attention is directed to the current safe environment. This type of yoga allows us to work on concerns and fears by recognizing them and moving on. A relaxed and clear mind will have more detachment, so it won’t be controlled by anxiety.

Good mood

The combination of exercise and meditation gets rid of negative emotions. It releases endorphins through the body, a natural mood elevator. The practice is so easy and enjoyable, it puts you in a good mood right away.Practicing hatha before bed will improve sleep, so you will start your next day in an upbeat mode.

Reduced risk of dementia

As the brain ages, its function and abilities decline. As any other muscle, it has to be maintained for the best performance.Learning new things is like a workout for the brain, so it’s great to have so many poses and techniques to learn and try out.Improved blood flow and oxygenation are important for body function, especially for the brain, keeping it in shape.Focus is also something we lose with age, yoga is training it with every pose and breath.

Stress reduction

In an over demanding and fast paced society, many people feel overwhelmed and exhausted.Hatha practice decreases cortisol levels, the stress hormone in the body. This relaxes the nervous system and so tension is released.Deep breathing slows down the heart rate, which allows the mind to relax.

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Practiced often, yoga regulates the stress response in everyday life. For example, the next time work is taking a toll on you, take a step back and have a 15 minute Hatha practice. You will feel calm and re-energized, ready for the next challenge.

Boosts attention and memory

Yoga can work on intrusive and repetitive thoughts. It clears and silences the mind, reducing distractions. When you are calm, it’s easier to direct your attention to what is important.The exercise can increase the size of the hippocampus, the part of the brain involved in processing memories. Also, a serene mind will be better at keeping memories.

Reduces effects of trauma

Negative experiences often haunt us through invasive thoughts for the rest of our lives. Yoga works with the past in a safe way, in order to accept it and break free from its hold. It helps understand that things that happened stay in the past, they have no power anymore.The negative feelings are erased with meditation and tranquillity fills their place.The mind is very resilient and yoga strengthens it even more.Chronic pain could also be managed by this gentle type of yoga using the stretching techniques. Ease into it and find the right postures for you.


Hatha releases tension, stretches and tones the muscles. The meditation component ads peace and quiets the mind, resulting in deep relaxation. The weight of the day can be brushed off with a ten minute practice.Hatha yoga can play a vast role in maintaining and improving mental health.

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