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Three Guideposts for Impromptu Day Trip Planning

It’s Saturday morning. The spirit of adventure calls, but you haven’t had time to drink your coffee, let alone plan a day out. Never fear. These three guideposts will get you out the door and speeding toward a day of excitement in no time.

Focus the Trip Around One Attraction

Wherever your destination may be, there is something of note that only this place can offer. These unique opportunities are a great starting point to organize your day trip. Maybe you are visiting the home of the world’s largest street art festival or the birthplace of a particular style of music. Take advantage of these distinctive offerings for a memorable visit full of local character and one-of-a-kind experiences. Consulting local publications is a great way to discover the best opportunities. For example, if you are spending the day in New York City, be sure to research Broadway play reviews for expert advice on how to get the most of your visit.

Take the Time To Explore

The best-kept secret of planning a successful day trip is building in free time to explore your destination. Cramming your day with tours is a recipe for frustration and fatigue. You have already selected your one must-see attraction, so take the time to explore your destination and discover its charms at your own pace. Flexibility, curiosity and a good guidebook are the secret ingredients for a no-stress, fun-filled day trip.

Fuel the Adventure With Local Favorites

Nothing brings an outing to a screeching halt like low blood sugar. Taking a break to refuel is an absolute necessity. Plus, stopping to enjoy a leisurely lunch is a great way to rest your feet, reflect on the events of the day and enjoy the local cuisine. If you’re too busy soaking in the sights to sit down for a meal, checking out the nearby food truck options is a great way to keep your energy up while staying on the move.

So down that coffee and lace those shoes up tight. You’re ready to answer adventure’s call and step out the door for a discovery-filled day.


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