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Tips for a Wild West Vacation

bnntt5If you’re thrilled by cowboys, railroads, and sleeping outside next to an open fire, then you’re ready for a Wild West vacation. But what does it take to start your out west adventure? Renting a stage coach and wearing spurs is not the most efficient way to enjoy your vacation. But you can still experience a dream Wild West vacation by following these tips.


Pick Your States:

The western frontier is vast and impossible to enjoy in just one week, so pick specific states you’d be willing to visit. The high mountain states of Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho are perfect for mountain men adventures filled with forested trails and magnificent horse ranches, so stop by the equestrian store to get the right horse tack beforehand. The desert states of New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California are for the gunslingers and gold miner aficionados who want to visit old western museums and deep rivers.

Don’t Get Trapped:

There are tourist traps throughout the western U.S., so be careful of silly shops and places claiming to be historic. Make sure you research specific places before you leave, usually state or national parks will keep you away from false tourist traps. You can also research on various online sites before you leave.

Ride a Train:

Besides for riding on a horse, using a train for travel is the most authentic way to travel in old west style. Start planning your railroad vacation with America by Rail, a U.S. company that knows about traveling west in style. You can do half and half or do the entire trip by train, either way riding a rail in the plains of the west truly satisfies an authentic Wild West vacation.


You may not be a hardcore outdoors person or backpacker, but hiking trails in the west is unlike any experience in the United States. Fully bask in the greatest National Parks in the nation like Yellowstone, Glacier, or Badlands to name a few. Taking day hikes with a packed lunch is an enjoyable way to experience nature and the beauty of the American west.

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