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Tips For Crafting The Finest Burger Around

Who doesn’t love a hearty hamburger straight off the grill? While everyone’s’ preferences are different in regards to what they consider the ultimate burger, putting your own spin on your burgers can add to the enjoyment.

For some, the best burger is plain. It only has a piece of cheese slapped over it and served on a bun. For others, each topping has to be perfectly placed to truly enjoy their burger. Everyone’s’ preferences are different, but there a few constants when it comes to the best burgers around.

As mentioned previously, preferences aside, there are a handful of ingredients that have engraved their way into burger culture. Sometimes these classics are what truly make the burger. For others, more unique and less used ingredients round out their ideal burger.

What constitutes a truly remarkable burger, then? Is it its time on the grill, or the ingredients that are added after? Here’s a closer look.

Burger Breakdown

Deconstructing some of the world’s most popular burgers would leave you with the featured ingredients below:

Fluffiest Buns: the buns used in the best burgers around are supportive enough to compliment the rest of its toppings while remaining soft and fluffy for each bite. Seeded buns are very common for burgers and are also one of the best choices.

Marvelous Mustard: you may believe that ketchup is the superior condiment for a burger, but you’d be surprised to find mustard is much more common as it’s been known to truly draw out all of the flavors of the patty.

Priority Patties: for the juiciest burger experience, you’re going to want beef patties with at least 20% fat. Some would go so far as to say 40% fat should be the minimum. Whatever the case, source the freshest beef available.

Cheese of Choice: whatever you prefer in terms of cheese will likely work. Be sure it melts on perfectly. Cheddar, American or even a Gouda work perfect.

resh Pickles: of the sliced variety for the sake of adding some texture and additional flavor.

Raw Onion & Tomato: slice these two up rather finely to fit atop the patty and beneath the buns. These ingredients add to the flavor profile of the patty wonderfully.

Lettuce Leaf: only the freshest for your burger, a nice leaf of lettuce can add incredible texture to each bite of your burger.


Constructing Your Burger

Once you feel as though your patty has been properly grilled, it’s time to put it all together. Beginning with the buns, you’ll want to lather on a nice helping of mustard to each interior side. Place the patty with its grilled cheese on top the lower bun. Top it off with your sliced pickles, onions, tomatoes then lettuce; in that order. There you have it, the perfect burger.

Think you could use a bit more help visually in regards to crafting your ultimate burger? Be sure to check out the infographic coupled alongside this post for more visual tips on how to make the best burger in town. Courtesy of Big Deal Burger.


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