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Tips on how to write a resume that will get an employer’s attention?

Your resume is your marketing tool

Employers use your resume as a basis for their impressions of you. It also works as self-promotion. So, it’s definitely worth making an effort here and putting together a resume in the right format.

Most recruiters agree that a good CV should be two pages. Regardless of what career stage you’re at. On average, a recruiter spends about 10 seconds deciding whether to consider you. So make your CV informative from the first lines. If you have experience in another field, mention it.

No big words: describe your personality through examples

The personal qualities of a resume are something that very few people pay attention to. They are tested already at the interview, at the stage of the resume is difficult to understand how true they are. So you can safely leave them out. The only exception is for newcomers with a minimum of experience.

If you do decide to specify personal qualities in your resume, do not just list them, but describe how they manifest themselves in your experience. For example, you can not just indicate “analytical skills,” but specify: “based on my analytical findings, the bank made decisions about lending.” Not just “leadership,” but “three years of experience managing teams.” Not just “creativity,” but examples of design work or presentations with a reference.

To be or not to be: consider controversial items

There are also items that many job seekers add to their resumes, but they are not required. For example, hobbies. The employer wants to know more about the candidate – including how the person spends his free time. But usually this is discussed already at the interview, when it is clear that the basic criteria of the applicant meets the vacancy, and we want to know about him as a person. If there is space in the CV, hobbies can be mentioned, but this section can be “sacrificed” in favor of describing experience.

Should I put my marital status on my resume? It is not necessary, it is your confidential information, which is not relevant to you as a professional.

Like age, it’s personal information. It is up to the candidate to indicate his date of birth, perhaps he wants to emphasize his maturity or, conversely, his youth, but it is certainly not necessary.

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