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Tips to making your hair stronger & healthier

mkio89If you are someone like me, you prefer your hair more fabulous, tough and nourishing. The things you that don’t want is your hair starting to get messed up, rough, or even your hair falling out almost everywhere and found many in your clothes. Nubo Beauty listed below there is useful information to ensure that your hair is healthy and looking good day to day.

1. Avoid washing your hair too often

washing your hair every single day is tiring for your arms. Also, washing your hair every day often means that you are trying to stimulate too much amount of oil coming out from your scalp, since your hair is getting stripped of its oils every morning or night. There’s practically nothing wrong on this except, too much oily hair can result in dandruff, and then dandruff may make your hair to easily fall. Assuming you have good hair, washing every day can also trigger soreness to the scalp according to what shampoo you are using. Nearly all shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) which is a harmful cleanser also contain dishwashing liquid, ceramic cleaners and so on. When you have to wash your hair each and every single day, I highly recommend using a shampoo that doesn’t contain SLS in it. This list provides a list of best hair care brands that don’t contain SLS in it.

2. Use a Hair Care Supplement on a Regular Basis

Scientists have discovered using biotin every day (generally known as vitamin H) can make your hair tougher and enhances hair growth. So, why not use a hair care supplement regularly with your other nutritional vitamins. I have used a supplement like biotin especially when my hair became weak and as time goes on my hair shows improvements.

3. Cut your hair Regularly

Cutting your hair regularly won’t make your hair fuller or thicker, however it can help your hair grow faster and healthier. Additionally, it will eliminate split or even damaged ends, particularly if you dye your hair. Many people strongly recommend every 6 months you ought to trim your hair but in my view, I just do it when my hair is starting to get damaged and unhealthy.

4. Use conditioner Once A Week

Every week I use my favorite conditioner on my hair , Most especially , the night before I clean my hair I add this conditioner in and cover the hair using paper towel to get to sleep on . The next morning my hair still get smoother and it can keep the hair from getting spoiled.

Those are my advise for the treatment of your hair. How about you? What regimens do you perform to make your hair beautiful and Healthy? Don’t hesitate to write your opinions below!

Taking care of your hair is important for a healthy scalp, and to prevent hair loss.

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