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Transforming your Home Hot Tub Enclosure into a Mini Greenhouse

Who wouldn’t want a nice greenhouse in their home? Here, you can carefully take care of plants, have a nice space all to yourself, and simply enjoy the very best of nature. It’s like having your very own jungle or forest where you can relax and be at peace! And the best part about it is that you have all the control in the world. Whatever plant you want in your greenhouse you can have, from the types of flowers that will give off the scents you want to the vegetables that you can incorporate in your meals with the family.

But how can you build a greenhouse? it’ll be a lot easier if you already have a gazebo in your backyard. Spa enclosure make fore great greenhouses—they’re the right size, they’re intimate. and you can fill it with as many plants as you want. From both inside and out, a gazebo greenhouse will be quite a sight indeed! Here’s how you can make one!

Go for Windows instead of Panels

Although most gazebos (and greenhouses for that matter) are either paneled with glass walls or simply open, it’s better to have windows with solskjerming instead. During spring, you can simply open them up to let in the light and fresh air to help the plants grow and flourish. And during the winter, you can protect them from the harsh cold spells so that they’ll survive well enough into next spring! When you’re there, you can also just as easily open a window or two when it becomes too stuffy and close them when it’s too cold outside. Having a window-walled gazebo isn’t all that uncommon anyways, and your plants will come out looking better than ever by the end of it!

Don’t Overload with Plants

Yes, greenhouses are full of plants. It’s practically their home beyond the soil! However, it’s unwise to fill your gazebo with too many plants. Don’t overload your gazebo with too much botanical bliss that it literally does look like a jungle already. In this instance, the metaphor is better than the reality. Greenhouses should be spaces wherein you can spend time in peace or tending to your garden. But if it has too many plants inside, you’ll end up not wanting to spend too much time in it. And what purpose will your greenhouse have if you won’t even spend more than a minute or two inside?

Remember to Hang some Plants

In the off chance that you do want as many plants as possible in your greenhouse, you can always hang them instead. Hanging plants is the best way to maximize space inside your greenhouse gazebo, allowing you to incorporate some little furniture to make your time inside all the more comfortable. Plus, hanging plants are also incredibly beautiful. There’s something classic and refined about having your flowers float above you than simply having them on the ground. The scents will probably waft better, and the entire gazebo will be smelling sweet and feeling fresh all day long! So for as much as you can, go for hanging plants!

Stone the Floor

When it comes to flooring, what hall you go for? Wood? Too rustic and it’s a better option for a mini spa than a greenhouse gazebo! Tiles? Remember that you’re building a greenhouse, not a bathroom! Marble? While good, it’s a bit too sophisticated for such a setting. Perhaps the best flooring for your greenhouse gazebo is stone. It’ll still evoke a sense of nature without it being too rustic and free. It’s also an elegant finish to your greenhouse. With stone flooring, you’ll also have more space for all sorts of little furniture on which you can sit and spend a moment or two in your own greenhouse gazebo!

Keep the Hose Near

Whenever you choose to set your greenhouse gazebo, always keep the hose near. This means you either buy a very long hose or have the structure built near the faucet connected to the hose. Either way, the hose is the most important part here. Remember that your greenhouse is, more or less, an enclosed space. But even when it’s open, your plants will need all the nourishing it can get from your hose. Although you can store a few watering cans inside, having to fill them up again and again will be a lot of hard work and a waste of your time. Just have the hose ready and let your nature babies drink up from time to time.

There’s no Harm in Seating

As mentioned earlier, you’re going to need some furniture to make the greenhouse hot tub enclosure more comfortable. For such, go for seating that’s either easy or beautiful. By easy, this means the seating can be taken in and out, folded or packed away when you’re not inside the backyard structure. While beautiful, on the other hand, simply speaks for itself. A great example is a wooden patio furniture set. Not only will it fit the greenhouse, but ti can still evoke that classic rustic vibe that’s all too beautiful and fleeting. For the younger ones, you can go for colorful cushions, with which you can simply pack away when not in use!

Plant the Outside as Well

And finally, it’s important to note that the outside is just as important as the inside. As you plant ahead in your greenhouse gazebo, don’t forget the ones outside the structure as well. They’re just as important and will need your attention too. In fact, the plants outside can oftentimes replace the ones inside when they’ve wilted or died. And for an overall view, isn’t it more beautiful when the plants surrounding the greenhouse are just as beautiful as the ones inside it? Your choices for the exterior plants are also more vast, as all plants can survive outside an enclosed structure while only some can withstand being inside the greenhouse.

Don’t take nature for granted! Set up your own greenhouse inside your backyard gazebo! It’ll make your entire home a lot more beautiful than it already is!

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