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Ultimate city guide in Puerto Vallarta

The city of Puerto Vallarta is quite popular with the travelers from Canada and also USA particularly those who are part of the West Coast of USA. The primary reason is that you will find easy link between the cities of Puerto Vallarta and Los Angeles, San Francisco, & Seattle due to numerous air flights. For those who are planning to have a vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Here I have narrowed down the easy guides and things to do in Puerto Vallarta.

Local Festivals

Local festival of Puerto Vallarta starts from the last week of May and never ends up to the first week of June. Parade and Music concerts, artistic, expositions and sport events are the main enticing events of such local festival in Puerto Vallarta. The other city festival starts from 1st December continues up to 12th December generally known as the “virgin of Guadalupe”. They have an amazing firework display which are acquired from a wholesale fireworks distributor.

Stunning beaches

Puerto Vallarta offers stunning beaches for you. A lot of those beaches have been qualified by the Mexican Authorities for their cleanliness and natural beauty. By the north end of the Bay there are sand beaches that stretch to some kilometers. Also you will find Small Island only reachable by water. Just imagine traveling with your loved one by yacht to a private beach and spending a romantic honeymoon. Puerto Vallarta’s beautiful beaches are expecting you to come and enjoy the stunning beaches. See more vacation rentals Near beach.


Amazing mountains

This is exactly what makes Puerto Vallarta becomes a completely unique place from other holiday destinations. The tropical forests and Sierra Madre Mountains with green jungle vegetation make the city a completely different feel. Nothing can be compared to viewing the sun rise in the foothills every day and Top of the mountain. Throughout the summer the rains make the nearby mountains shine an emerald green which is not easy to explain by words. A journey up the mountain routes will carry you to a moment long before when the human race was one with nature. The plant life along with the bird calls put together to the mystic sensation of getting surrounded by mountains.



When food is worthwhile to you when selecting a vacation destination, you won’t discover a better must-visit destination than Puerto Vallarta, due to its huge collection of cuisine that offers fantastic culinary adventures. Discover from ordinary and also traditional food in cafes as well as local restaurants, to innovating exquisite food in first-class restaurants.

Accessibility is the main consideration when you are planning a vacation. Many cities in US and also Canada come with direct flights to Puerto Vallarta, which makes it so much easier and affordable to get there. Puerto Vallarta is just a 3 hours flight from LA, which is all it takes to feel as though you are in a really different world, the ocean, the rivers, and the mountains make their visual appeal felt at each corner, but you will not miss modern culture, as luxury vacation home communities offer everything in place to enable you to feel at home.


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Puerto Vallarta vacation rentals tend to be the unanimous option of travelers from around the world when they visit this exotic paradise of Mexico. Family holiday to this town is a quite unique and memorable experience. The rental units are budget friendly and become more comfortable alternative to hotels. Aspects such as all fashionable amenities together with a full private staff are included with the services that a vacation rental offers.

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