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What Do You Need For Duck Hunting?

When you go on a hunting trip, you don’t want to forget anything important, including your hunting rifles. You want every trip you make to be enjoyable, but also successful. Having the right tools with you is important as you will be in the middle of nowhere. You don’t want to have to cut a trip short because you didn’t pack all the necessities. Did you remember extra ammo? How about your JJ Lares duck calls?

Here is a list of important items to take with you on your duck hunt.

Fire Power

You’ll probably not forget to bring your rifle, but how about ammo? It’s easy to misplace a box of shells or forget to put it with your things. Make sure you pack up your ammo with your rifle, so you are less likely to leave it behind. If you are taking additional guns, make sure to remember the ammo for those as well. Make sure your rifle is well cleaned and equipped with everything you want on it such as straps or scopes.

Duck Decoys

Decoys are useful in attracting real ducks. You should make sure to pack the right decoys to take with you for your trip if you are using them. Having the wrong color duck for the area will not attract ducks. You also should be placing them correctly in and around the lake you are hunting at. Your JJ Lares call will be useful in increasing the realism of your decoys, but it won’t be as effective if you place them wrong. It’s not always about the number of decoys, but the placement. It’s all about techniques so study up on the proper way to use duck decoys.

Duck Calls

The most important tool at a duck hunters’ disposal are duck calls. If you call out to nearby ducks with JJ Lares calls, you can get their attention and bring them close to your blind. Duck calls are difficult to get the hang of. Improper duck calls will only succeed in scaring away your prey. Learn how to use them and different patterns of calls. Don’t forget your duck call at home or you might spend your hunt without a duck in sight.

Never go on a hunting trip without the proper tools. Make checklists of all the things you want to bring with you and mark them when you have them packed away safe in your bag or car. Make your next duck hunt enjoyable and successful.

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