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What is a Havening Technique

Traumatic or any stressful experiences or events will create a path inside the brain that stays there consistently, until or unless individuals start a process to change, stop or even cut off that pathway to make new improving experiences.

The Havening Technique is effective in minimizing or removing entirely the negative maladaptive emotional reaction associated with that occurrence or even experience. To do so, Havening works with the emotional reaction system inside the brain, which is located in the Limbic System. Havening interferes with the pathway which was made and therefore eliminates the emotional pain linked to the stress, distress and also experiences leading to neutral or even no unfavorable emotional response to the specific situation.

The Havening Technique is a extremely effective method for a variety of emotionally distressful circumstances and symptoms with outstanding and long-lasting results.
This includes circumstances and symptoms associated with:

– Domestic violence
– Relationship difficulties
– Bullying
– Emotional eating
– Nervous about heights
– Depressive disorders
– Fear of Abandonment
– Agoraphobia as well as other Phobias
– Sexual abuse
– Feelings of low self-worth
– Deficiency of confidence
– Anxiety
– Self harm
– Loneliness
– Post Natal Depression
– Physical discomfort

To ensure that Havening to be more effective for the patient, the havening practitioner will analyze the emotional symptom that triggers their emotional reaction system; and, that poses the largest challenge and disruption to the patient must be havened and consequently removed. That is the basic difference between Counseling Therapy and the Havening Technique.

The effect and consequence of going through the Havening technique includes effects such as, once a specific negative emotional reaction has been removed (e.g. shame, guilt), it may have the effect of directly or even indirectly and at the same time eliminating other related unfavorable emotions associated with the same or even different trauma or unfavorable experiences. Another result could be that the elimination of one traumatic occurrence reveals a different one, and this is eventually Havened with the patient’s permission.

With regards to recall and also emotional connection to the distressing or even traumatic occurrence or experience, patients usually experience and report a feeling of disbelief in the effects, which may include one or more of the following:

Incapability to recall the past distressing or traumatic occurrence

  • Their remembrance of the stressful experience is unclear
  • They are able to recall the event and occurrence however they will have a neutral emotional connection to it
  • talking or Thinking about the stressful experience no longer activates their emotional reaction system or even their regular negative emotional reactions to the events
  • A range of physical, emotional or even physiological changes may appear. For example, patients can seem to grow in height immediately; or have the capability to move parts of the body that were psychologically, emotionally, or even physically impacted by the traumatic events; or have good sleep through the entire night, which formerly had been affected by their past experiences.

The Havening technique can also be used for performance booster, goals achievement, or even Self Havening of each day routine emotions like anger, sadness, or even mild anxiety. Self Havening is not advisable for psychological disorders or serious trauma. It is strongly suggested that you seek some help from a great counselling service in Ayrshire.

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