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What to do with kids during quarantine

As the coronavirus pandemic continue rise in many countries all over the world, more and more families find themselves in isolation and quarantine. For kids, this situation might be scary and boring for them. We love our children, but we have to face it, parenting will be nerve-racking task if we are stuck inside with the children due to the pandemic. No more going to school. Put aside movie theaters. And forget other public places in which you would usually visit. Social distancing is important in this hard situation and that means no play dates as well. If your children are getting older and bored of the same games then consider playing something like an escape room.

Kids need structure, so it is crucial to create a school-like schedule. The professionals at are deeply passionate about preparing children for their future by helping them think outside the box, problem solve creatively, and collaborate with those around them. First determine a section of your home for learning. When you do not have a separate room, you may use table in the kitchen or living room. Give your child a large box and put essential school supplies based on their age books, notebooks, paper, laptop, crayons, pens etc.).

Second, keep going as usual where your child wakes up and wear their clothes just like they were attending school. Don’t wear pajamas! You want your child to be in class-mode rather than watching TV mode. To increase the ambiance, you may ring a bell or play music while you child marches to the learning room.

Next, create a timetable with your child to simulate a normal school day. Put time for learning and study, lunch, snacks, Physical Education, and naptime for the child. If you have older kids, you may also empower them by allowing them help little ones and lead group learning projects. Make the most of their busy times to finish your own household tasks.

How can you help your children reduce their stress?

The most effective approach to ensure your children reduce their stress with healthy activities is to limit their gadget and screen time. More often than not when they are playing video games, watching tv, or on a smartphone or tablet they are actually inactive. Limiting gadget and screen time helps encourage physical activity and creativity in children during quarantine.

your kids must have less than 2 hours per day of screen and gadget time for their concentration and mental health. Research reveals limiting the use of electronics can significantly reduce depression in young ones caused by the minimum eye contact they are receiving. Also, parents should avoid their children with the terrifying news on the coronavirus as this can reduce to depression and anxiety. Get your kids smurf accounts for gaming at

Kids who are limited in physical activity might get easily irritable, cry more easily, which makes your days harder. Allow them to play on the backyard or in the playroom several times per day included in their schedule. You can ask them to play hiding objects in the yard and let them busy and spend the day finding the objects. Then you can reward them when they are able find all objects. Perform competitions when you have more than one child with basketball, kicking the ball, hopscotch, or other. Let them active and keep moving!

If you are still struggling to provide enough busy activity for your children when they are quarantined at home? In the video below, you will find some ideas to get them moving and have fun on their quarantined days.

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