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What Your Child Must Learn in Preschool

Preschool prepares a child for kindergarten. If your kid is in preschool, there are four things he or she should learn before the school year is over. Discover what they are in this guide.

Proper Motor Skills

When some young kids start preschool, they lack confidence, but motor skills can help. These skills will encourage social interactions, and they can make shy kids more confident.

Your child will develop general motor skills in preschool. However, you should still set up the following activities in your home.


Puzzles challenge kids mentally, and they’re fun too. They’re also beneficial as they can improve hand-eye coordination. When your kid gets a puzzle and tries to put the pieces together for the first time, be patient and provide encouragement until the challenge is done.

Cutting Stuff With Scissors

With a pair of scissors, your child will learn how to think on the fly. Try this fun learning exercise. Give your kid a pair of safety scissors and a picture that has straight lines and curves. The goal is to cut along the lines.

Sharp Listening Skills

If your kid has poor listening skills, he or she will have problems learning and following directions. Listening is very important because it can influence proper social interactions during class and recess.

Reading makes a child a better listener. After you’ve read a book, ask your kid questions about it.

Daily Objectives

Preschool is a whole new world for a child, so he or she must be ready for the adventure. Here are the most important things a preschooler should know on day one.

  • How to recognize his or her name in print
  • How to recognize colors and shapes
  • How to count to five

Help your child dominate preschool with these strategies. This blog post was brought to you by H.Moore from Mooredesignstore.

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