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When a Grandparent Is Eligible for obtaining Visitation Rights?

Obtaining grandparents’ visitation right under the current law in Oklahoma is very difficult and must fulfill certain types of conditions. The grandparents must prove to the court that the parents denied visitation and their behavior are improper for a growing kid. To submit a petition before the court for visitation right at least one of the conditions below should exist in terms of the parents.

1. Death: One parent of the kid has passed away.

2. Inability: One parent cannot take care of the kid because of mental illness.

3. Absent: One of the parents has been disappeared for at least 3 months.

4. Imprisonment: One of the parents is sentenced to imprisonment or even incarceration throughout the 3 month period prior to the filling of the case.

Separation and divorce: Parents are either separated or have been divorced legally for the period of the 3 month before the grandparent files visitation right. A grandparent may also file a petition if there is a pending regarding custody or even visitation of the kid and one of the parents does not have any argument for grandparent visitation.

End of Parent-Child Relationship: Once a court discontinues the parent -child relationship, the grandparents may file visitation right. A grandparent whose parental legal rights have been discontinued through an adoption process does not have any right to submit a petition for visitation.

Child Born Out of Wedlock: If a kid is born out of wedlock and the mother and father are not staying together, either maternal grandparent or even paternal grandparent may submit petition for visitation right in which a court has created father’s paternity of the kid.

Apart from the above points grandparents are granted visitation rights if the parents consciously agree grandparent visitation. Courts keep the court orders that contain the condition for voluntary visitation of grandfather or grandmother.

In most cases the court will take the personal preferences as well as best interest of the kid while approving grandparents visitation rights in Okla. This also adjusts the order it when there is clear and strong evidence to validate that such change is necessary to protect the children.

And you are as grandparent you need to keep your grandchildren’s interest into consideration. I hope that you will be one of those winning grandparents who have a nice relationship with your grandchild and their parents. However if you are not you should find the solution for your visitation rights. I wish you best of luck.


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