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When Your Son Is Going Through Puberty

How to deal with a son going through puberty? Because your little boy is becoming a man, and it’s confusing both of you And making it hard to breathe.

Step one, recognize the signs.

Is your son having mood swings? Does he have terrible body odor? And spend the same amount of time sleeping as you spend awake? Then, congratulations! And, I’m sorry; your son has hit puberty.

Step two, build a line of defense.

Your kid will be sweating from places he didn’t even know he had. And it’s going to smell. But don’t embarrass him. Instead, strategically plant bottles of Axe Gold around the house. Don’t even say anything about it. You’ll know for sure he’s using it because you’ll smell it all over the damn house. Listen, teens have no concept of a thing called moderation. So explain to your dude that this is not a shower replacement. And he needs to follow the directions. At the end of the day, Axe Gold smells way better than B.O, so get ready to drink in the aroma of teenage glory.

Step three, don’t make it weird.

I know, it’s an awkward conversation to have, but it’s necessary to have it. Try and have a chat with your son before puberty even starts but if it’s too late, just play it cool and let your kid know that everything he’s going through is normal. So that was a bad idea. And finally,

Step four, brace yourself.

Sure, puberty isn’t easy on the kid, but it’s not easy on the parents either. So just remember it’s only temporary. Your cute little boy, he’s in there somewhere. – Why can’t you be more like Steve’s mom? So annoying! – Yeah, I swear he’s in there. It’s just going to be a few more years until I see him again. Come over here and give your mom a nice hug.

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