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Why It’s Okay to Not Be Big on World Travel and Global Adventures

There’s a stigma that says you have to love and want to travel to better yourself and gain perspective on the world. However, global adventures aren’t as fulfilling for some people as they are for others. It’s okay to not be big on world travel—and here’s why:

You Don’t Have to Travel to Relax

Relaxation is more about your mind than anything else. While environment matters to an extent, you can train yourself to relax anywhere with a round of positive meditation. This can restore peace to your mind and body wherever you are; ergo, don’t believe the misconception that you have to travel to gain serenity.

Regular Vacations Can Be as Beneficial as World Traveling

Occasional weekend getaways are as effective at relieving everyday stressors as world travels. Stretch your vacations over the course of a year and save up to go wherever you want to go. It could be a few days in the mountains, a weekend at the beach, or an afternoon drive through the countryside.

Travel Doesn’t Define Who You Are

How often you travel or where you go doesn’t define who you are or how well-rounded and fun your life is. Don’t let people shame you for choosing not to travel because it’s okay to not have that wanderlust that seems to affect the millennial and X generations. Ignore those Instagram posts. Research pictures if you want to see somewhere without busting your bank account. There are more ways to see the world than ever actually having to travel to those destinations.

You Can Have an Adventure Anywhere

You don’t have to travel or even take weekend getaways if you have a hometown to explore. Most people can live in one place their entire lives and never know half of what’s around them. Make a day of it. Set yourself in the middle of your city, then use sidewalks to explore shops, boutiques, and attractions. Find a new bar with loads of fun people and play hours of games with shots and cornhole boards. Or, check out community reviews and plot your destinations for 12 hours of local exploration and fun.

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