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Why Marmaris is the best choice for spending a vacation

Why burn a hole in your pocket to visit popular places in Europe when you can enjoy a memorable holiday at lesser known but exotic places? Yes, there are places which offer breathtaking views, good food, friendly people and an opportunity to spend a few days in solitude. If you are wondering about what I am talking about, it’s Marmaris.


Why choose Marmaris for your holiday

Tucked away in Turkey, Marmaris is slowly waking up to global attention. This once quaint fishing town has already become an international sensation. The beautiful beaches, water sports, historical monuments and great food, all have made Marmaris a favorite with tourists. It’s easy to get there with online travel visa and there are plenty of hotels to stay.

There are Marmaris Excursions that you can participate in to have fun filled holidays. The excursions are varied so that everyone can pick something and enjoy. If you have toddlers, take them to the dolphin park where they can swim with dolphins in Marmaris. You don’t get to do that every day, right?

There are long and clean beaches to walk and contemplate. There are plenty of beaches in and around Marmaris where you can head to. The Marmaris beachfront is a well-known spot with its pubs and restaurants and shops. Iclemer Beach is clean and beautiful and just a walk away from Marmaris. If you have something exotic in mind, opt for a day excursion to Cleopatra beach. The legendary beach where Cleopatra bathed with her lover would surely mesmerize you.

The nightlife in Marmaris is something you should never miss. If you are on a romantic holiday, the Turkish nights would definitely become your favorite. With traditional belly dancing and foot tapping music and yummy local cuisine, you will always remember the thrill of these parties.

Do you want to cleanse your body and soul on the vacation? The Turkish baths are famous for their body and soul cleansing experience. Head to a Turkish Bath in Marmaris and experience this unique massage and cleaning technique that would leave you feeling super fresh.

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Lastly, do not forget to visit the local bazaars. The shopping malls sell branded products but it’s the local markets where you can find Turkish specialties like belts and jewelry and carpets. Hang around the bazaar, soak in the spirit and get into conversations with the ladies. Bargain over price and get artifacts for everyone back home.

A Marmaris holiday is all you need to rest your tired body and soul and come back in a relaxed mind, not to say about the splendid photographs of this lovely place.

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